our mission

MC Event & Design is committed to provide our customers a successful, meaningful, magical and timeless event.  our mission is to give you the best.  the best of us the best of our vendors and the best quality of our products.

Working thoroughly with our client in parallel with our associates by creating their dream day personalized according to their budget, vision, expectation and by adding elegancy and luxury to their event is our top priority. 

The peace of mind of our clients is the key; at MC Event & Design, going an extra mile is our attitude.  We are proud to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. We believe that our relationship with our clients is strengthened as they become fully involved in the creation of their timeless event. 

 Here at MC Event &Design we transform dreams into reality


Ounce you have commitment you need the discipline and hard work to get you there….
Our highest value is making sure your event is successful, meaningful and magical. We are specialized in unique and creative budgetary events that begin with your vision, your style and your expectations.


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